How Does This Work? 

OPTION 1. Easy, no fuss, little effort


 Every organization from a small Rotary Club to the American Cancer Society has a donor base and a means to contact subscribers. Imagine having a donation made to you every time one of those individuals, families or businesses planned a vacation trip. ONLY TRAVELING4FUNDS OFFERS THIS OPTION.


Five Easy Steps


  1. Register your organization 

  2. Tell all your contacts about your new fundraising partner, Traveling4Funds, and how a percentage of eligible trip costs will be returned to your organization. Traveling4Funds suppliers will provide any promotional material, pre-designed emails, etc.

  3. Your patrons use your pre-assigned Organization Code when they contact Traveling4Funds to make their travel arrangements. They receive the best pricing and added amenities, top end personalized customer service and 25 years of travel planning experience.

  4. Your office is notified of their reservation, the travel date, amount spent AND the donation that will be sent upon the completion of their trip. Depending on the supplier used and trip details this amount is up to 5% of their cost.

  5. Within 30 days of their return, a check is sent to your office.


Example:     Mr. & Mrs. Supporter reserve a 7-night European river cruise for their 25th anniversary. With all arrangements completed the eligible cost is $6800.00 (taxes and gov. fees are excluded from the final amount used for donation percentages).  If this trip falls into the 5% donation category  you receive $340.00. Donation rates vary between our many suppliers from approximately $35 up. 


NOTE: We do NOT want your email addresses. We can provide the content but each solicitation goes out through your office.


This program is the easiest and renewing source of funds because all you need to do is send reminders at least once per month and the rest is automatic. 

Option 2 - Throw a Party, Earn Money

Small organization or large we can provide a quick infusion of donation dollars when you organize & promote a specific group tour or cruise. Again, we make all the arrangements, collect the tour money from your travelers and, for a large group, send staff to insure the event goes smoothly.


Example: Cruise Group to the Caribbean

Pick a cruise date for something you want to celebrate - organization anniversary, new board of directors, a successful expansion. With our help vigorously promote the cruise to your members, etc. 


Let's assume you have a great response and fill 25 staterooms on the cruise and you have included a $200 donation in the vacation pricing. Here are your results - 


25 Staterooms, total of 50 travelers @ $200 per person                 $10,000

3 free cruise berths to use or sell @ $1500 each                              $   4500

Traveling4Funds donation (approximate)                                          $   2000  


Total You Earn:  $16,500

Need Other Ideas (they're endless!)?
  •  Present the program to your Board of Directors. Is anyone planning a corporate retreat or employee incentive trip?
  •  Does anyone have a family member planning a destination wedding?
  •  Golf anyone? We make arrangements at nearly every course anywhere in the world.
Bottom Line - You Are Losing Funding
If anyone in your organization - President, teacher, clerical administrators, donors - takes a vacation and you are not getting a donation, you are missing a great fundraising opportunity. 
Don't make fundraising difficult,  let us make it fun and easy.