Traveling4Funds evolved over 25 years of making vacation travel arrangements and being a member of Kiwanis International, a worldwide community service organization. (
As a business, our clients ventured out on exciting trips to Africa, New Zealand, China, Hawaii, the Caribbean, etc., by land tours and aboard cruise ships. They received the best planning, the best service, and best price.
In Kiwanis, as with all non-profit organizations, the ongoing concern is raising funds: funds to support after school programs, pre-natal immunizations, literacy programs, etc. The income never matches the needs. Sound familiar? 
The concept is simple: When your member, client, patron, donor or their referrals, arrange their vacation or corporate trips through us, your registered organization receives up to 5% of the cost. Almost too simple. How many people in your circles take family vacations, cruises or plan business retreats? Are you receiving any fundraising dollars from their trips? Now you can.
There is no up-front cost, no selling, no inventory, and no money handling. Traveling4Funds and our preferred suppliers provide all the promotional material. Our staff handles the rest. 
How Does It Work?