What Are Your Fundraising Needs?


Are you searching for a non-profit fundraiser or fundraising ideas for a school, church, youth group, medical research foundation, university alumni organization or a community service club? 


Could you use an idea that is an ongoing source of donations, sources that don’t require a full department to administer?
Traveling4Funds, through 25 years’ experience, has a program that makes at least one area of your fundraising easy. And, if you have a donor/client/member database 90% of your work is already done!
With Traveling4Funds we turn vacation and corporate travel by your supporters, teachers, or employees & their referrals into an ongoing income stream.



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Simple, Easy Fundraising
Latest Fundraising News

A recent FRI survey indicates the main concern of non-profit managers is how to increase donor retention. For every 100 donors gained in 2012, 105 were lost through attrition. If your annual amount raised is less than $100,000 the average net lose was 13.5%, $100,000 to $500,000 the lost was 5.1%


"Organizations need fundraising that reflects the genuine needs of donors, inspries committments to your cause and builds loyalty over time."

Who Can It Benefit?


Medical Research Programs

Youth Sports/Band/Art Programs

Community Outreach 

Church/Religious Groups

Alumni Organizations

Veteran Organizations


. . .  The List is Endless!  Call Us.

Put The FUN Back In Your Money Raising Program

No Selling? No Inventory?  YES!
No-Cost Start-up? Really?  YES!
No Money Handling? CORRECT!
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